Bending modulus (kappa) of resistance of lipid bilayer to bending by external forces

Value 1E-19 joules
Organism Generic
Reference Graham TR, Kozlov MM. Interplay of proteins and lipids in generating membrane curvature. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2010 Aug22(4):430-6. p.430 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID20605711
Comments In a self-assembling lipid bilayer the two monolayers will tend, energetically, to have the same lipid composition, as favored by the entropy of lipid distribution in the membrane. The resulting bilayer will be completely symmetric with respect to its mid plane, and, hence, there will be no preferential direction for its curving. As a result, the bilayer will acquire neither positive nor negative curvature and adopt a flat shape. Moreover, this bilayer will oppose curving by external forces with a resistance quantified by a bending modulus k [Helfrich 1973 PMID 4273690 and Helfrich W: Elasticity and thermal undulations of fluid films of amphiphiles. In Les Houches – 1988 – Liquids and Interfaces, vol. 48. Edited by Charvolin J, Joanny J-F, Zinn-Justin J. Elsevier 1990:212-237.]. The value of the latter of about k ~10^-19 Joules sets the scale of energies needed for bilayer bending.
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