Percent of first trimester miscarriages that are aeuploid

Value >=70 %
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Fragouli E, Lenzi M, Ross R, Katz-Jaffe M, Schoolcraft WB, Wells D. Comprehensive molecular cytogenetic analysis of the human blastocyst stage. Hum Reprod. 2008 Nov23(11):2596-608PubMed ID18664475
Primary Source Menasha J, Levy B, Hirschhorn K, Kardon NB. Incidence and spectrum of chromosome abnormalities in spontaneous abortions: new insights from a 12-year study. Genet Med. 2005 Apr7(4):251-63.PubMed ID15834243
Comments The frequency of chromosomal abnormality in human oocytes is an order of magnitude greater than seen in other mammalian species and is of great clinical significance, leading to high rates of children born with aneuploid syndromes (e.g. Down syndrome) and also miscarriage.
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