Dates of evolutionary branching points of the key genome model organisms based on fossil evidence

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Reference Donoghue PC, Benton MJ. Rocks and clocks: calibrating the Tree of Life using fossils and molecules. Trends Ecol Evol. 2007 Aug22(8):424-31.PubMed ID17573149
Comments Tree of relationships of the key genome model organisms showing minimum (bold) and maximum (roman) fossil-based dates for each branching point. The pattern of relationships is based on a consensus of current views. The minimum age constraints are based on the oldest fossil confidently assigned to either of the two sister groups that arise from each branching point. The maximum age constraint is based on bracketing (maximum ages of sister groups) and bounding (age of an underlying suitable fossiliferous formation that lacks a fossil of the clade). Full justification for each minimum and maximum fossil-based age constraint is available at link
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