Volume of chick dorsal root ganglia (DRG) cell

Value 175 µm^3
Organism Chicken Gallus gallus
Reference McNally HA, Borgens RB. Three-dimensional imaging of living and dying neurons with atomic force microscopy. J Neurocytol. 2004 Mar33(2):251-8.PubMed ID15322383
Method Atomic Force Microscopy-AFM provides increased power of magnification/resolution coupled to real-time imaging of living samples—capabilities not shared with any other single imaging modality. AFM also provides the investigator with an unequaled measurement capability for minute samples (Snyder & White, 1992), permitting precise computation of surface areas, volumes, and linear distance. Researchers punctured cell and measured volume changes: Immediately after membrane puncture, the cell began to spill its cytoplasm onto the substrate, forming an enlarging pool. Thus, the liquid pool that formed around the punctured neuron was of a higher specific gravity than the extracellular medium, and unlikely to be simply cytoplasm as we discuss below. In every case, this extracellular pool enlarged coincident with the collapse of the punctured cell body. This is shown in Figure 4, the initial height of the soma was determined to be 1.5 µm and plummeted to 0.3 µm in just over 15 minutes. The volume of the cell body was reduced from 127.6 µm3 to 28.2 µm3 as the volume of the pool of extruded material increased from 45.8 µm3 to 103.8 µm3 over this same period of time. The calculation of the volume of extruded cytoplasm are actually underestimated since the enlarging liquid pool extended past the field of view in some images. With time after injury, compromise of the membrane spread progressively across the soma from the minute and local puncture, eventually degrading even the proximal neurites (Fig. 4c).
Comments Researchers provide the first clear, high resolution three-dimensional images of living neurons derived from embryonic chick dorsal root ganglia (DRG) and sympathetic ganglia in vitro using a Digital Instruments Scanning Probe Microscope.
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