Capsid size of S1 Siphovirus

Value 61.4 nm Range: ±1.35 nm
Organism Bacteriophage S1 (host Stenotrophomonas)
Reference García P, Monjardín C, Martín R, Madera C, Soberón N, Garcia E, Meana A, Suárez JE. Isolation of new Stenotrophomonas bacteriophages and genomic characterization of temperate phage S1. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2008 Dec74 (24):7552-60PubMed ID18952876
Method Electron microscopy. Phage gradient drops were placed onto 0.022-µm-pore-diameter filters floating on SM buffer at room temperature for 30 min (with two changes of buffer) to eliminate CsCl. Aliquots were negatively stained with 2% (wt/vol) uranyl acetate on copper grids covered with a film of carbon and ionized. Grids were observed with a JEOL 1200 EXII microscope stabilized at 100 KV. Images were obtained on Scientia photographic plates (AGFA).
Comments Mean+-standard deviation. The tail of S1, with a length of 129.2 ± 1.3 nm and a width of 9.93 ± 0.66 nm, is remarkable for its extreme flexibility, compared with the tail of S4 (201.87 ± 1.22 nm long and 10.7 ± 0.24 nm wide).
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