Rate of radial growth of bacterial colony

Value 83 nm/hour
Organism bacteria
Reference B. Nithyaja, V. K. Jisha, R. Tintu, A. V. Saramma and V. P. N. Nampoori, Kinetics of bacterial colony growth by laser induced fluorescence,Laser Physics, Volume 19, Number 3, March, 2009, pp 468-472
Method The present paper deals with an experimental work in which the growth kinetics of an aerial bacterial colony in a closed system was studied using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Technique. Study on growth kinetics of bacterial colony using LIF was carried out by doping Rhodamin B dye in culture medium. Rhodamin B is an appropriate dye for doping because of its high fluorescence quantum efficiency.
Comments To study the growth dynamics of bacterial colony, radius of the colony vs time is plotted (Fig. 4). Radius measurement started after 12 h of incubation. From Fig. 4 it is clear that after 25 h of growth, the colony radius R appeared to increase linearly with time.
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