Dimensions of Insulin Growth Factor-I

Range 5.1X3.5X2.2 nm
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Nauman JV, Campbell PG, Lanni F, Anderson JL. Diffusion of insulin-like growth factor-I and ribonuclease through fibrin gels. Biophys J. 2007 Jun 1592(12):4444-50.PubMed ID17400703
Primary Source Vajdos FF, Ultsch M, Schaffer ML, Deshayes KD, Liu J, Skelton NJ, de Vos AM. Crystal structure of human insulin-like growth factor-1: detergent binding inhibits binding protein interactions. Biochemistry. 2001 Sep 1840(37):11022-9PubMed ID11551198
Method Using crystallographic coordinates for IGF-I (Protein Data Bank accession number 1imx (29)) and RasMol software (30), external dimensions of the molecule were estimated by rotating the space-filling structure to orientations showing the maximum and minimum projected widths, then selecting pairs of atoms to obtain outer dimensions. By this procedure, major axes of 51.16, 34.52, and 21.47 Å were determined.
Comments The IGF monomer consists of a globular domain with two small diametrically opposed projections which define the long axis. The external dimensions of the globular domain only were taken as 31.28, 34.52, and 21.47 Å.
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