Proton translocation rate of wild type bacteriorhodopsin

Value 188 H+/(bacteriorhodopsin×min)
Organism Unspecified
Reference Tittor J, Paula S, Subramaniam S, Heberle J, Henderson R, Oesterhelt D. Proton translocation by bacteriorhodopsin in the absence of substantial conformational changes. J Mol Biol. 2002 May 31319(2):555-65PubMed ID12051928
Method Reasearchers found that the triple mutant bacteriorhodopsin investigated is capable of transporting protons at a rate of 125(+/-40) H+/BR per minute under light-saturating conditions. Light adaptation of the triple mutant's retinal proceeds in a pH-dependent manner up to a maximum of 63% all-trans. These two findings imply that the transport activity of the triple mutant comprises 66% of the wild-type activity. Above value (188 H+/BR/min) derived by taking 125 H+/BR/min as 66% (multiplying by it 1.5)
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