PolyP4 concentration in polyphosphates

Value 2900 µg P/g dry cell weight
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Vagabov VM, Trilisenko LV, Kulaev IS. Dependence of inorganic polyphosphate chain length on the orthophosphate content in the culture medium of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Biochemistry (Mosc). 2000 Mar65(3):349-54. Fig. 1(a)PubMed ID10739478
Method The yeast is first cultivated for 4 h in a complete Rider medium containing 9 mM Pi and 111 mM glucose as a carbon source. Phosphate concentration was estimated according to Berenblum and Chain in the modification of Weil-Malherbe and Green (ref 16 of article). To determine dry weight, aliquots of cell suspensions were applied on filters preliminary brought to a constant weight by drying under vacuum at 85°C and dried to a constant weight under the same conditions.
Comments Measured manually from Fig. 1. a) PolyP content in the cells of S. cerevisiae under different conditions of their cultivation
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