Ratio of H+ to ATP in mitochondrial ATP synthase (including transport costs)

Range 13:3 H+/ATP
Organism Generic
Reference Rich, PR. The molecular machinery of Keilin's respiratory chain. Biochem Soc Trans. 2003 Dec31(Pt 6) p.1103, subheading A re-evaluation of yields of ATP synthesis from glucose oxidation.PubMed ID14641005
Comments The motor unit of ATP synthase requires 10 H+ to complete a full rotation, which results in the generation of three ATP. The transport of the ADP and phosphate into the mitochondria costs one H+, so this adds three protons for a full rotation. This value was based on the structure of the yeast ATP synthase, but should be true for other eukaryotes which have a structurally similar mitochondrial ATP synthase.
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