Total nasal epithelial cell surface area

Value 300 mm^2
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Asahi et al, Protection against influenza virus infection in polymeric Ig receptor knockout mice immunized intranasally with adjuvant-combined vaccines. J Immunol. 2002 Mar 15 168(6):2930-8. p. 2932 right column table 1PubMed ID11884464
Method Serial tissue sections (each 3-µm thick) from the upper jaw, which were fixed with 4% formaldehyde in PBS and decalcified with EDTA before embedding in paraffin, were prepared and stained with H&E (Asanuma et al., 1997, PMID 9107301). The circumference of the nasal cavity was measured based on photographs of each of the 104 tissue sections that were taken at 110-µm intervals of the serial sections from the nostrils to the posterior nasopharynx pore. The total surface area of the nasal cavity was estimated by integration using the trapezoidal rule for the surface area of 104 section blocks calculated based on both the circumference of the nasal cavity and the thickness of the tissue blocks (113 µm). The circumference was calculated using software PIXS 2000 Ver 2.0 (Inotech, Hiroshima, Japan).
Comments Sum of surface areas of Squamous cell epithelium (30.5mm^2), Columnar epithelium (146.7mm^2) and olfactory epithelium (122.6mm^2) 299.8mm^2, in total.
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