Mean cell diameter of seven different types of cell in the following organisms

Range a 2.6g frog 18.32µm: a 50g frog 18.71µm: a 624g toad 24.17µm µm
Organism Amphibians
Reference Ocqueteau C et al., Three-dimensional morphometry of mammalian cells. I. Diameters. Arch Biol Med Exp (Santiago). 1989 Jul22(2):89-95 p.94 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID2694968
Primary Source Maldonado, R., San Jose, H., Martinoya, C. & Gunther, B. (1973) Cell size and body weight in some homeotherms and poikilotherms. Acta Physiol Latino-amer. 24: 328-335.PubMed ID4468693
Method Morphometric analysis
Comments P.94 left column 2nd paragraph: "When the same methodology was applied to the cell sizes of poikilotherms (2.6 g and 50 g frogs, and a 624 g toad), the mean cell diameter values were 18.32, 18.71 and 24.17µm, respectively."
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