Time, after infection with T-even bacteriophage, within which the nucleoids of the bacteria undergo "nuclear disruption"

Range within 2 - 3 minutes
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Parson KA, Snustad DP. Host DNA degradation after infection of Escherichia coli with bacteriophage T4: dependence of the alternate pathway of degradation which occurs in the absence of both T4 endonuclease II and nuclear disruption on T4 endonuclease IV. J Virol. 1975 Jan15(1):221-4. p.221 left column top paragraphPubMed ID1089802
Primary Source [12] Luria SE, Human ML. Chromatin staining of bacteria during bacteriophage infection. J Bacteriol. 1950 Apr59(4):551-60. [13] Murray RG, Gillen DH, Heagy FC. Cytological changes in Escherichia coli produced by infection with phage T2. J Bacteriol. 1950 May59(5):603-15.PubMed ID15436430, 15436434
Comments P.221 left column top paragraph: "Within 2 to 3 min after infection of Escherichia coli cells with T-even bacteriophage, the nucleoids of the bacteria undergo "nuclear disruption" during which the host DNA moves from its largely central location in the host cell into tight juxtaposition with the cell membrane (primary sources)."
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