Span of insect evolutionary history

Value 300 million years
Organism Insect
Reference Smith et al., Body size evolution across the Geozoic, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Vol. 44 :523-553, 2016 DOI: 10.1146/annurev-earth-060115-012147 link p.535 2nd paragraph
Comments P.535 2nd paragraph: "A few clades are almost invariant in terms of the body size niche occupied over time. For example, despite an evolutionary history that spans more than 300 Ma, insects have varied very little in the range of body size they occupy (Figure 4). There may be underlying environmental processes that influence the evolution of maximum size among taxa, but for most clades, [investigators] still lack an appreciation for the actual constraints that operate over time (Saarinen et al. 2014)."
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