Summary of cell kinetic data in malignant lymphoma

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Brons PP et al., Cell cycle kinetics in malignant lymphoma studied with in vivo iododeoxyuridine administration, nuclear Ki-67 staining, and flow cytometry. Blood. 1992 Nov 1 80(9):2336-43. p.2339 table 2PubMed ID1421404
Method Abstract: "Cell cycle kinetics of malignant lymphoma were investigated using in vivo labeling with iododeoxyuridine (IdUrd) and subsequent flow cytometry (FCM) of IdUrd/DNA and Ki-67/DNA."
Comments P.2338 right column 3rd paragraph: "The median values and ranges of the cell kinetic data of each subgroup and the results of the statistical analysis are summarized in Table 2." P.2339 left column bottom paragraph: "Calculation of TC and TG1 derived from IdUrd/DNA and Ki-67/DNA data: Combining the data derived from the IdUrd/DNA and Ki-67/DNA analysis, two additional dynamic kinetic parameters could be calculated: the duration of the cell cycle (TC) and of the G1-phase (TG1) (Table 2)." See abbreviations beneath table
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