Size of chromosomes that make up genome

Range main chromosome (Chr1) 2.96Mbp: second chromosome (Chr2) 1.07Mbp Mbp
Organism Bacteria Vibrio cholerae
Reference Soler-Bistué A et al., Genomic location of the major ribosomal protein gene locus determines Vibrio cholerae global growth and infectivity. PLoS Genet. 2015 Apr 13 11(4):e1005156. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005156. p.3/21 top paragraphPubMed ID25875621
Primary Source [28] Heidelberg JF, Eisen JA, Nelson WC, Clayton RA, Gwinn ML, Dodson RJ, et al. DNA sequence of both chromosomes of the cholera pathogen Vibrio cholerae. Nature. 2000 406(6795):477–83. doi: 10.1038/ 35020000PubMed ID10952301
Comments P.3/21 top paragraph:"The experimental link between RNAP and ribosomal gene location, and bacterial growth rate is missing. Vibrio cholerae, the etiological agent of cholera is a unique model to test this link. It is among the fastest-growing bacteria, displaying one of the highest number of simultaneous replication rounds [ref 16]. In addition, it is a model for the study of bacteria with multiple chromosomes. Its genome consists of a main chromosome (Chr1) of 2.96 Mbp which harbors the majority of essential genes and a second chromosome (Chr2) of 1.07 Mbp that encodes a higher proportion of hypothetical genes [primary source 28]."
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