Calculated conductance of wild-type KcsA [potassium crystallographically-sited activation channel]

Range ~40 pS
Organism prokaryote
Reference Choi H, Heginbotham L. Functional influence of the pore helix glutamate in the KcsA K+ channel. Biophys J. 2004 Apr86(4):2137-44. p.2140 left column top paragraphPubMed ID15041654
Primary Source M. LeMasurier, L. Heginbotham, C. Miller KcsA: it's a potassium channel J. Gen. Physiol., 118 (2001), pp. 303–314PubMed ID11524460
Comments P.2140 left column top paragraph:"Secondly, at nearly 240 pS, the chord conductance at −200 mV is much larger than that of wild-type KcsA, which, calculated from published data, is ∼40 pS under the same ionic conditions (primary source)."
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