The dynamic range of NPC [nuclear-pore complex]-mediated transport

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Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Grünwald D, Singer RH, Rout M. Nuclear export dynamics of RNA-protein complexes. Nature. 2011 Jul 20 475(7356):333-41. doi: 10.1038/nature10318. p.337 table 1PubMed ID21776079
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Comments P.334 left column bottom paragraph:"Dwell times of transport factors at the NPC have been found to range from 5 to 20 ms (Table 1). Variations in the transport factor, cargo and Ran-GTP concentration have a profound effect on the translocation times of proteins. The dwell time of the karyopherin importin-β1 could be reduced to 1 ms after increased concentrations of unlabelled importin-β1 in the cytoplasmic buffer [ref 44]." P.334 right column bottom paragraph:"For import factors and cargoes, most data indicate that the binding-site distribution along the nuclear–cytoplasmic axis of the central channel is symmetrical, with peaks only a few nanometres off centre compared with the POM121 marker signal (Table 1), although an exception is found for the export of messenger RNA [ref 11] (see below)." See note beneath table
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