Fraction of ocean net primary productivity that cyanobacteria could be responsible for

Range ~25 %
Organism Biosphere
Reference Flombaum P et al., Present and future global distributions of the marine Cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Jun 11 110(24):9824-9. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1307701110. P.9827 right column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID23703908
Method Abstract:"Here, [investigators] present quantitative niche models for these lineages that assess present and future global abundances and distributions."
Comments P.9827 right column 3rd paragraph:"[Investigators] predict the global net primary production of 4 and 8 Gt C y^−1 [8.5% and 16.7% of ocean net primary production (ref 1)] for Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus respectively, using estimates of hourly carbon fixation rates (ref 3). [They] acknowledge a high uncertainty of the global variation in fixation rates, but [their] results suggest that marine Cyanobacteria could be responsible for ∼25% of ocean net primary productivity. This value is within the range of local observations of ocean productivity for the two lineages (ref 23)." Keywords:abundance,plankton,sea,marine,photosynthetic picoplankton,phytoplankton
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