Resolution of million-volt field-emission transmission electron microscope (FE-TEM)

Value 0.05 nm
Organism Generic
Reference Philip F. Schewe and Benjamin P. Stein, Physics Update, Physics Today 53 (6), 9 (2000) doi: 10.1063/1.2405472 p.9 left column top paragraph
Comments p.9 left column top paragraph:"A million-volt field emission transmission electron microscope (FE-TEM) has been built by a team led by Akira Tonomura at Hitachi's Advanced Research Laboratory in collaboration with the Japan Science and Technology Corp …. [T]he new device can image rows of atoms only half an angstrom apart (thus rivaling scanning tunneling microscopes) and can even take pictures fast enough 60 per second to make movies of fine gold particles changing their shapes."
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