Structural parameters of mature spinach leaves

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Organism Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Reference Heike Winter, David G. Robinson, Hans Walter Heldt, Subcellular volumes and metabolite concentrations in spinach leaves, Planta May 1994, Volume 193, Issue 4, pp 530-535 p.531 table 1
Method "Cellular volumes were determined from light micrographs and by the infiltration technique (means±SD)"
Comments "The aqueous volume of the leaf, expressed in terms of chlorophyll (Chl), was determined from the difference between fresh weight and dry weight (Table 1)...The total volume of the mesophyll cells was determined by subtraction of the apoplasmic and gas-space volumes from that of the mesophyll tissue (Table 1)...The determination of the aqueous volume of the apoplasmic compartment (Table 1), enables one to evaluate apoplasmic concentrations of sucrose and of amino acids from vacuum-infiltration measurements of the metabolite contents in the apoplasm (Speer and Kaiser 1991)."
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