Half life of ribosome in liver

Range ~300 hours
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Nikolov EN, Dabeva MD, Nikolov TK. Turnover of ribosomes in regenerating rat liver. Int J Biochem. 1983 15(10):1255-60. p.1255 abstractPubMed ID6628827
Method "The turnover of ribosomes was studied in regenerating liver and the rates of ribosome degradation in the proliferative (1-5 days) and post-proliferative (6-12 days) phases after partial hepatectomy compared."
Comments "Ribosome turnover during the first 3 days is slower, the half-life of ribosomes being approximately 300 hr...During the proliferative phase of liver regeneration the ribosome degradation is slower the mean half-life for the first 3 days is 293 hr after that decreasing gradually."
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