Total number of non-motor GFP–MotB

Value 190 molecules/cell Range: ±80 molecules/cell
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Leake MC, Chandler JH, Wadhams GH, Bai F, Berry RM, Armitage JP. Stoichiometry and turnover in single, functioning membrane protein complexes. Nature. 2006 Sep 21 443(7109):355-8. p.357 left column top paragraphPubMed ID16971952
Method "[Researchers] estimated the total number of GFP–MotB molecules per motor by dividing I 0 m by IGFP for each trace (Supplementary Fig. 5c). The reduced uncertainty of this estimate (22±6, ±s.d.) as compared with the ratio of peaks in Supplementary Fig. 5a and b (19±8) reflects covariation of Iom and IGFP, as expected for variations due to TIRF [total internal reflection fluorescence] intensity. Dividing the initial membrane component of background intensity by IGFP gave an average of 0.052±0.022 molecules per pixel. We estimated the cell-surface area as 3,700±500 pixels thus, the total number of non-motor GFP–MotB molecules per cell is 190±80."
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