Specific activity of corn leaf inorganic Pyrophosphatase following treatment with ammonium sulfate

Value 34.56 umole Pi/mg protein
Organism Corn Zea mays
Reference J. W. RIP and W. E. RAUSER, PARTIAL PURIFICATION AND SOME PROPERTIES OF ALKALINE INORGANIC PYROPHOSPHATASE , Phytochemistry1, 971, Vol. 10, pp. 2615 to 2619 Table 1 Table - link
Method DEAE (Diethylaminoethyl)cellulose chromatography: Alkaline inorganic pyrophosphatase activity was eluted as a single peak from a DEAE cellulose column. The leading and trailing 8 ml fraction represented 4.5 and 9.1 per cent of the activity in the single peak fraction respectively (Table 1).
Comments umole Pi/mg Protein means umole Pi/mg Pyrophosphatase. The behaviour of corn alkaline inorganic pyrophosphatase on (NH4)2S04 fractionation resembled human erythrocyte pyrophosphatase in that the bulk of the enzyme was recovered in the 0.35-0.53 g/ml starting volume fraction. Corn alkaline inorganic pyrophosphatase differed markedly however, from potato pyrophosphatase where 65 per cent was recovered in the 0.224-0.448 g/ml starting volume fraction.
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