Stokes radius of Green Fluorescent Protein

Value 2.82 nm
Organism Generic
Reference Liarzi O, Epel BL. Development of a quantitative tool for measuring changes in the coefficient of conductivity of plasmodesmata induced by developmental, biotic, and abiotic signals. Protoplasma. 2005 Apr225(1-2):67-76PubMed ID15868214
Primary Source Terry BR, Robards AW (1987) Hydrodynamic radius alone governs the mobility of molecules through plasmodesmata. Planta 171: 145–157
Comments GFP has properties that make it an excellent probe: it does not significantly interact with cellular components (Swaminathan et al. 1997, Verkman 2002) and its intracellular rate of diffusion is rapid (seconds).
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