Taurine levels in alveolar pneumocytes isolated from rats

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Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Banks MA, Porter DW, Pailes WH, Schwegler-Berry D, Martin WG, Castranova V. Taurine content of isolated rat alveolar type I cells. Comp Biochem Physiol B. 1991100(4):795-9. Table 2PubMed ID1782762
Method Rat alveolar type I cells were isolated by enzymatic digestion and purified by centrifugal elutriation and specific surface adsorption. The identity of the harvested cells was confirmed using electronic cell sizing and transmission electron microscopy. Taurine content of these alveolar type I cells was measured by HPLC. The intracellular taurine concentration of type I cells was 0.14 +/- 0.07 mM, a value close to that of plasma (0.1 mM).
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