Maximum projection of capsomer from capsid shell layer

Value 5.8 nm
Organism HPV human papillomavirus
Reference Baker TS, Newcomb WW, Olson NH, Cowsert LM, Olson C, Brown JC.Structures of bovine and human papillomaviruses. Analysis by cryoelectron microscopy and three-dimensional image reconstruction. Biophys J. 1991 Dec60(6):1445-56.PubMed ID1663794
Method cryoelectron microscopy and three dimensional image reconstruction techniques
Comments The capsid morphologies of the human and bovine papillomaviruses are nearly indistinguishable. Each capsid consists of a shell layer (approximately 2 nm thick) of nearly continuous density from which capsomers project radially to a maximum height of approximately 5.8 nm.
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