GFP molar absorbance at excitation maximum

Value 41800 M^-1*cm^-1
Organism Generic
Reference Swaminathan R, Hoang CP, Verkman AS. Photobleaching recovery and anisotropy decay of green fluorescent protein GFP-S65T in solution and cells: cytoplasmic viscosity probed by green fluorescent protein translational and rotational diffusion. Biophys J. 1997 Apr72(4):1902PubMed ID9083693
Method To determine the relative viscosity of cytoplasm compared to water (same viscosity as PBS), t1/2 for the irreversible recovery process (83 ± 6 ms) in cytoplasm was compared to t1/2 measured for diffusion of purified GFP-S65T in solutions of known viscosity
Comments GFP mutant S65T was purified from recombinant bacteria for solution studies, and expressed in CHO cell cytoplasm. Fluorescence spectra in PBS (pH 7.4) showed single excitation and emission maxima at 509 nm
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