Energetic contribution of one protein-base hydrogen bond

Value 6.3 kJ/mol
Organism Generic
Reference Facilitated distortion of the DNA site enhances EcoRI endonuclease-DNA recognition, D R Lesser, M R Kurpiewski, T Waters, B A Connolly, and L Jen-Jacobson, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1993 August 15 90(16): 7548–7552.PubMed ID8356054
Method We have measured the binding of EcoRI endonuclease to a complete set of purine-base analogue sites, each of which deletes one functional group that forms a hydrogen bond with the endonuclease in the canonical GAATTC complex. For five of six functional group deletions, the observed penalty in binding free energy is +1.3 to +1.7 kcal/mol.
Comments equivalent to 1.5 kCal/mole
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