Genome size

Value 1369 Gbp
Organism Chaos chaos
Reference Prof Gabriel Dorado, personal communication, according to refs below
Primary Source [1] Friz CT. The biochemical composition of the free-living amoebae Chaos chaos, Amoeba dubia and Amoeba proteus.Comp Biochem Physiol. 1968 Jul26(1):81-90.PubMed ID4249055
Method From Gabriel Dorado: (1) 1 pg DNA = 978 Mbp, (BNID 100319). (2) Chaos chaos has 1.4 millimicro (mμ) grams (mμg) genome, as shown on Table 2 of Friz, 1968 (primary source). Note that mμg is an obsolete metric prefix denoting 10E-9, that has been replaced by nanogram (1,000 pg). (3) Then, 978 x (1.4 x 1,000) = 1,369,200 Mbp = 1,369 Gbp for the Chaos chaos genome. If that was overestimated, half of it would be 684.6 Gbp.
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