Estimated mitochondrial power

Range 0.3 - 1 pW (power/mitochondrion)
Organism Algae Ochromonas sp.
Reference Peyman Fahimi and Ch ́erif F Matta, On the power per mitochondrion and the number of associated active ATP synthases, Phys Biol. 2021 Jun 1418(4) doi: 10.1088/1478-3975/abf7d9 p.4 table 3PubMed ID33853054
Method P.3 left column, top paragraph: “Taking into account that mitochondria typically provides ∼93% of the cellular power in aerobic respiration (a number reached by assuming that 28 ATP molecules are obtained from mitochondrial respiration out of an estimated total of 30 ATPs per glucose molecule [refs 17, 18]), the power per mitochondrion is calculated simply from: p =(M%×P)/N, (2) where p is the power of a single mitochondrion in a given cell, M% is the percent fraction of ATP generated from mitochondrial respiration, P is the power of the entire cell, and N is the number of mitochondria in the cell. The results of using equation (2) are available in table 3.”
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