Life cycle from egg to adult

Range usually ~2: at high altitude in both Switzerland and the French Pyrenees 3: in Denmark 1 year
Organism Alderfly Sialis lutaria
Reference Elliott, J. M. "Temperature‐related fluctuations in the timing of emergence and pupation of Windermere alder‐flies over 30 years." Ecological Entomology 21.3 (1996): 241–247 link p.241 left column and right column top paragraph
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Comments P.241 left column: "The life cycle usually takes about 2 years from egg to adult, but a longer period of 3 years has been recorded in lakes at high altitude in both Switzerland (primary source Geigy & Grobe, 1958) and the French Pyrenees (primary source Giani & Laville, 1973), and a shorter period of 1 year in Denmark (primary sources Iversen & Thorup, 1987, Dall, 1989)."
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