Maintenance respiration rates obtained with various methods

Range Table - link mg glucose/g dry matter/day
Organism Various
Reference F. W. T. Penning De Vries, The cost of maintenance processes in plant cells, Annals of Botany Volume 39, 1975 Issue 1 pp.77-92 link p.86 table 3
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Method For pointers to methods 'a', 'b', 'c', and 'd' see 'method' column. For description of methods see Table - link
Comments P.85 bottom paragraph: "Table 3 shows a range of maintenance respiration rates of 8-60 mg glucose per g dry weight per day at 25°C. The information is still too limited to decide whether different species have different rates of maintenance respiration under similar conditions, but that of H. annuus seems always higher than that of Z. mays. A comparison of the values for one species at one temperature (Table 3) shows that leaves with high assimilation rates in the days preceding the measurement have higher maintenance respiration rates than those with low assimilation rates."
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