Mean photon flux

Range Vibrio fischeri 15.93±11.48 photons/min: Vibrio harveyi 10.51±20.60 photons/min
Organism Bacteria Vibrio spp.
Reference Phiefer CB, Palmer RJ Jr, White DC. Comparison of relative photon flux from single cells of the bioluminescent marine bacteria Vibrio fischeri and Vibrio harveyi using photon-counting microscopy. Luminescence. 1999 May-Jun14(3):147-51 DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1522-7243(199905/06)14:3<147::AID-BIO532>3.0.CO2-C abstract & p.149 left column top paragraphPubMed ID10423575
Method Abstract: "Photon counting microscopy was used to quantify relative photon flux from 616 single sessile cells of Vibrio harveyi and 180 single sessile cells of V. fischeri."
Comments Abstract: "V. fischeri cells all emitted light at nearly the same level (average 15.93+/-11.48 photons/min, range 0-58.9 photons/min) when bioluminescence was induced, whereas photon flux of V. harveyi single cells was extremely variable (average 10.51+/-20.60 photons/min, range 0-211 photons/min)." P.149 left column top paragraph: "Furthermore, these cells produced light at nearly the same level: between 10 and 50 photons/min (Fig. 1). V. fischeri exhibited a mean photon flux of 15.93 ± 11.48 (n = 180) photons/min. In contrast, the majority of attached V. harveyi cells did not emit any photons, or did so at levels barely above background (Fig. 2). The mean photon flux of V. harveyi cells was 10.51 ± 20.60 (n = 616) photons/min. Unequal variances between the two sample populations led to use of an approximate two-sample t-test to compare means. The mean photon fluxes between the two species are different at the 1% significance level."
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