Longest observed mating of any spider

Range >18 hours
Organism Spider (family Linyphiids) Troglohyphantes sp.
Reference Mammola S, Michalik P, Hebets EA, Isaia M. Record breaking achievements by spiders and the scientists who study them. PeerJ. 2017 Oct 315:e3972. doi: 10.7717/peerj.3972 p.24 bottom paragraphPubMed ID29104823
Primary Source Deeleman-Reinhold CL. 1978. Revision of the cave-dwelling and related spiders of the genus Troglohyphantes Joseph (Linyphiidae), with special reference to the Jugoslav species. Opera Academia Scientiarum et Artium Slovenica (Classis IV) Ljubljana 23(6):1–221
Comments P.24 bottom paragraph: "Longest mating—>18 h. In certain species of Troglohyphantes spider (cave-dwelling Linyphiids), Deeleman-Reinhold (primary source) observed a protracted mating lasting >18 h. However, due to the paucity of information, it seems likely that longer mating durations could be expected in other species (Fig. 4D)."
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