Intracellular K+ and Na+ concentration

Range K+ 200-300mM: Na+ 20mM mM
Organism Bacteria Mycoplasma mycoides var. Capri
Reference Leblanc G, Le Grimellec C. Active K+ transport in Mycoplasma mycoides var. Capri. Net and unidirectional K+ movements. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1979 Jun 13 554(1):156-67 abstractPubMed ID378256
Comments Abstract: "Analysis of the cation composition of growing Mycoplasma mycoides var. Capri indicates that these organisms have a high intracellular K+ concentration (Ki: 200-300 mM) which greatly exceeds that of the growth medium, and a low Na+ concentration (Na+i: 20 mM)."
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