Basic biophysical parameters of stomatal guard cells in the open and closed state in Vicia faba and Arabidopsis

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Organism Plants
Reference Jezek M, Blatt MR. The Membrane Transport System of the Guard Cell and Its Integration for Stomatal Dynamics. Plant Physiol. 2017 Jun174(2):487-519. doi: 10.1104/pp.16.01949 p.490 table IPubMed ID28408539
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Comments P.488 right column bottom paragraph: "Stomatal pores form between specialized pairs of epidermal cells, the guard cells (Fig. 1). Guard cells of dicotyledonous plants bow apart as they expand, thereby opening the stomatal pore (Table I). The anatomy of stomata in many monocotyledonous plants differs, but the principle of their movement is much the same (Chen et al., 2017). In opening the pore, guard cells accumulate solute, mainly K+ salts with Cl− and malate (Mal), as well as sugars. In closing the pore, guard cells reverse this process by metabolizing these solutes or releasing them to the apoplast."
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