Growth rate

Range ~8 cm/day
Organism Plant Rubus spp.
Reference Trewavas A. The foundations of plant intelligence. Interface Focus. 2017 Jun 6 7(3):20160098. doi: 10.1098/rsfs.2016.0098. p.7 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID28479977
Comments P.7 left column bottom paragraph: "Plants that grow beneath a mixed, sometimes high, canopy have to make decisions about the best directions to grow and maximize energy capture. Light is at a premium so identifying the strongest light source is imperative. Time lapse has brought plant behaviour to speeds that can now be perceived easily and is initiating a slow revolution in understanding. An excellent example is to be found on link The reader should view it first before reading further. The time lapse shows the behaviour of a bramble (Rubus, species unspecified) growing under a woodland canopy. The time lapse lasts only about a minute and is greatly accelerated since the shoot really grows about 8cm/d."
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