Total length of the system of conduits which composes the vascular system

Range ~60,000 miles
Organism Mammals
Reference Rosen, Optimality principles in biology, Plenum press 1967, p.41 2nd paragraph
Comments P.41 2nd paragraph: "The morphology of the typical mammalian vascular system is incredibly complex. It is estimated that the total length of the system of conduits which composes the system is nearly 60,000 miles (most of this length being contributed by the smallest vessels, the capillaries). These conduits permeate every organ of the body no cell of the body is more than a few cell diameters removed from one. One's first view of this system, either in a living organism (such as in the web of a frog's hind leg) or in a corrosion preparation (see note 1, 3rd paragraph p.69), leaves one with the impression that the details of the anatomy of the vascular system cannot be quantitatively explained by any kind of simple argument."
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