Diagnostic pigments of phytoplankton and their taxonomic and size class association

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Organism Phytoplankton
Reference Julia Uitz, Hervé Claustre, Bernard Gentili, and Dariusz Stramski, Phytoplankton class‐specific primary production in the world’s oceans: Seasonal and interannual variability from satellite observations, Global biogeochemical cycles, vol. 24, GB3016, doi:10.1029/2009GB003680, 2010 p.3 table 1
Comments P.3 left column bottom paragraph: "Phytoplankton Class-Specific Chlorophyll:[12] Using an extensive pigment database obtained from high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyses of water samples from a variety of oceanic regions, Uitz et al. [2006] proposed a method for deriving Chl vertical profiles associated with three pigment-based size classes (micro-, nano-, and picophytoplankton) from Chlsurf. Seven diagnostic pigments were selected as biomarkers of specific taxa. These taxa were then assigned to one of the three size classes (Table 1 and Vidussi et al. [2001, Table 1])."
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