Kinetic constants of proton transfer reactions and physical properties measured in hydration layers in phosphatidylcholine multilamellar vesicles

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Reference M. Gutman, E. Nachliel, and Y. Tsfadia, Propagation of protons at the water membrane interface: microscopic evaluation of a macroscopic process, chapter 12 in Permeability and stability of lipid bilayers, ed. E. Disalvo and S. Simon (CRC Press, 1995) p.267 table 1
Primary Source [28] Lis LJ, McAlister M, Fuller N, Rand RP, Parsegian VA. Measurement of the lateral compressibility of several phospholipid bilayers. Biophys J. 1982 Mar37(3):667-72.PubMed ID7074192
Comments P.267 bottom paragraph: "Further information about the water at the interbilayer space is retrieved by analyzing the rate of collisional proton transfer from protonated phosphatidyl choline (PCH+)(pK = 2.25) to the φo- anion (pK = 7.7) (line 1 in table 1). The diffusion coefficient of φo- was calculated and the viscosity of the aqueous phase was estimated according to the Einstein-Stokes equation (bottom line in Table 1)."
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