Composition (percent) of dry bone of ox

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Organism Cow Bos Taurus
Reference Getty, R., (1975) in The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals, ed. Getty, R. (Saunders, Philadelphia), 5th Ed., p.23 right column bottom paragraph
Comments p.23 right column bottom paragraph:"Dried bone consists of organic and inorganic matter in the ratio of approximately 1 : 2. The animal matter gives toughness and elasticity, the mineral matter hardness to the bone tissue. Removal of the organic matter by heat does not change the general form of a bone, but reduces the weight by about one-third and amkes the bone very fragile. Conversely, decalcification, while not affecting the form and size of the bone, renders it soft and pliable. The organic matter (ossein) when boiled yields gelatin. The organic portion of bone consists chiefly of a protein, called bone collagen or ossein. Bone itself is a highly specialized form of connective tissue that is hard and white and contains cells peculiar to it. The hardness of bone is due to the deposition of mineral salts within the soft organic matrix. In addition to containing water, bone consists of two main components: (1) the organic framework, and (2) the inorganic mineral salts (bone ash). Between the collagenous fibers is found a fluid, resembling tissue fluid, an amorphous group substance. The following table represents the composition in 100 parts of ox bone of average quality: gelatin 33.3: phosphate of lime 57.35: carbonate of lime 3.85: phosphate of magnesia 2.05: carbonate and chloride of sodium 3.45."
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