Density of granular starch

Range ~1.5 g/cm^3
Organism Wheat Triticum aestivum
Reference H. N. Dengate, D. W. Baruch and P. Meredith, Christchurch (New Zealand) The Density of Wheat Starch Granules: A Tracer Dilution Procedure for Determining the Density of an Immiscible Dispersed Phase, Starch – Stärke 30 (1978) Nr 3, S 80-84 link p.80 left column top paragraph
Primary Source [1] Leach, H. W., and T. J . Schoch: Cereal Chem. 38 (1961), 34. [2] Smith, R. J. : in “Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry”, ed. By R. L. Whistler, Vol IV, 103, Academic Press, New York and London 1964.
Comments P.80 left column top paragraph:"Few values for the density of granular wheat starch appear in the literature. Most determinations have been made by liquid pycnometric methods on air-equilibrated starch of 10 to 15% moisture content, giving values around 1.5 g/cm^3 [primary sources 1, 2]. The air-comparison pycnometer has given similar results [primary source 2]. Hess made extensive use of the differing densities of wheat starch and protein and for this purpose determined the density of starch by liquid pycnometry in Palatinol. He obtained values around 1.50 g/cm^3 and noted that small granules are denser than large ones [refs 3 – 5]."
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