Calf thymus [CT] DNA density

Value 1.41 g/cm^3 Range: ±0.03 g/cm^3
Organism Cow Bos Taurus
Reference Śmiałek MA, Jones NC, Hoffmann SV, Mason NJ. Measuring the density of DNA films using ultraviolet-visible interferometry. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2013 Jun87(6):060701. abstract & p.060701-3 left column bottom linePubMed ID23848615
Method Abstract:"In order to determine a proper value for the density of dry DNA films [investigators] have used a method based upon the measurement of interference effects in transmission spectra of thin DNA layers."
Comments Abstract:"[Investigators'] results show that the methodology is effective and the density of DNA in this state, 1.407 g/cm^3, is much lower than the commonly used 1.7 g/cm^3." P.060701-3 left column:"To obtain a value for the density of the DNA films, ρ, linear fitting was only performed over this range. A value of the density of CT DNA films was obtained using a least-squares method with weighting to yield [eq. 5] ρ=1.41±0.03g/cm^3. This value is lower than most of those previously reported in the literature for CT [calf thymus] DNA (see Table I [BNID 112350] for a comparison of values obtained previously) and consistent with the conclusions of [investigators'] previous studies conducted for DNA films [refs 27,28]. Another result which is consistent with that presented here was obtained by Inagaki and colleagues, who also used an interferometric method. Although the film thickness was not the main target of their studies, the value obtained matches the one shown here within the experimental error. With all other methods the obtained values of density are higher by approximately 20%."
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