Platelet velocity profile parameters as assessed in vivo in arterioles

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Organism Rabbit
Reference Tangelder GJ et al., Velocity profiles of blood platelets and red blood cells flowing in arterioles of the rabbit mesentery. Circ Res. 1986 Nov59(5):505-14. p.509 table 1PubMed ID3802426
Method Abstract:"Velocity profiles were determined in rabbit mesenteric arterioles (diameter 17-32 micron). A good spatial resolution was obtained by using the blood platelets as small and natural markers of flow, providing for the first time in vivo detailed, quantitative information about the shape of the velocity profiles in microvessels. In some experiments red blood cell velocity profiles were recorded as well. Easy detection of the cells of interest could be achieved by labelling them selectively with a fluorescent dye and visualizing them by intravital fluorescence video microscopy, using flashed illumination."
Comments P.510 left column bottom paragraph:"The values of Vmax, K, and a, as obtained in the different experiments by a fit with Equation 2, are presented in Table 1. The absolute values of b as obtained in the different experiments ranged from 0.0003 to 0.038 (median 0.017). In addition, the values of the ratio of Vmax and Vmean as calculated with Equation 3 [See note beneath table] are presented in Table 1."
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