Maximum speed of marine bacteria

Range maximum community speed 144µm/sec: maximum individual burst velocity 407µm/sec µm/sec
Organism bacteria
Reference Mitchell JG, Pearson L, Bonazinga A, Dillon S, Khouri H, Paxinos R. Long lag times and high velocities in the motility of natural assemblages of marine bacteria. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1995 Mar61(3):877-82. abstract, p.878 right column top & bottom paragraphs and p.882 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID16534971
Method P.877 right column 2nd paragraph:"To determine the fraction of marine bacteria that are motile at a given time and how this community is influenced by changes in nutrients, experiments were conducted on natural communities of coastal marine bacteria."
Comments Abstract:"The maximum community speed was 144 µm/sec, and the maximum individual burst velocity was 407 µm/sec." P.882 left column bottom paragraph:"In the swarm, at an average speed of 144µm/sec, the time [signal-processing time] is about 0.048 s. The maximum available processing time for the highest observed burst speed (407µm/sec) is 0.006 s. From this, [investigators] propose that signal-processing times are less than 0.1 s for some marine bacteria."
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