Cell volume & DNA concentration

Range cell volume 0.02µm^3: DNA concentration 0.052g/mL cell volume
Organism Bacteria Spiroplasma melliferum
Reference R.T. Dame and C.J. Dorman (eds.), Bacterial chromatin, Chapter 5: Nucleoid structure & segregation, Conrad L Woldringh, p.75 fig 5.2e
Method Cryoelectron tomography
Comments p.74 bottom paragraph:"Also with the more recently developed technique of cryoelectron tomography a nucleoid is not always present, e.g. in tomograms of the very small bacterium Spiroplasma melliferum (Fig. 5.2e Ortiz et al. 2006)." p.75 top paragraph:"It remains a question whether the absence of a visible nucleoid in the small cell of Spiroplasma (Fig.5.2e) can be ascribed to its high DNA concentration (see legend Fig.5.2) or to an effect of the cryo-fixation procedure."
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