Concentration of the viral protein E1 (viral membrane protein precursor) in carbonate washed subcellular fractions of infected BHK cells, determined by quantitative immunoblotting

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Organism BHK baby hamster kidney cells
Reference Quinn P, Griffiths G, Warren G. Density of newly synthesized plasma membrane proteins in intracellular membranes II. Biochemical studies. J Cell Biol. 1984 Jun98(6):2142-7. p.2146 table IIIPubMed ID6563038
Method Abstract:"Using two independent methods, incorporation of radioactive amino-acid and quantitative immunoblotting, [investigators] have determined that the rate of synthesis of each of the Semliki Forest virus (SFV) proteins in infected baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells is 1.2 X 10^(5) copies/cell/min."
Comments p.2145 left column bottom paragraph:"Subcellular fractions were prepared from infected cells, and samples subjected to quantitative immunoblotting as described above. The results are presented in Table III, and are in excellent agreement with the calculated values of E1 densities."
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