Mean leaf thickness

Value 235 µm
Organism Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum
Reference Jr., G. S. A. (1933). Structure and Development of the Tobacco Leaf. Am. J. Bot. 20, 565–592. link p.574 bottom paragraph
Method "Three varieties of Nicotiana tabacumn L. were used for studies on leaf ontogeny-i.e., Havana Seed, Cash, and Cuban Shade. The tips of half- grown plants were removed at various times of day and night, some being placed in formal-acetic-alcohol and others in Bouin's solution. Still others were dissected out under a binocular microscope while still fresh."
Comments "The thickness of some 300 leaves, borne at various levels on the stalk, and grown under sun and shade conditions, averages 235 microns. The lamina is thickest just out from the midrib, about midway between the base and tip of the leaf. The thinnest portion is near the base."
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