Transcription rate

Range larval Ultrabithorax genes ~1.4kbp/min: stress-induced hsp70 genes ~1.2kbp/min kbp/min
Organism Fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
Reference Jackson DA, Pombo A, Iborra F. The balance sheet for transcription: an analysis of nuclear RNA metabolism in mammalian cells. FASEB J. 2000 Feb14(2):242-54. p.243 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID10657981
Primary Source [26] Shermoen, A. W., and O’Farrell, P. H. (1991) Progression of the cell cycle through mitosis leads to abortion of nascent transcripts. Cell 67, 303–310 [27] O’Brien, T., and Lis, J. T. (1993) Rapid changes in Drosophila transcription after an instantaneous heat shock. Mol. Cell. Biol. 13, 3456–3463PubMed ID1680567, 8497261
Method Primary source 26 abstract: "Nascent transcripts of the Drosophila Ubx gene were detected by in situ hybridization. Following onset of expression, the progress of RNA polymerase (1.4 kb/min) across the gene was visualized as the successive appearance of hybridization signals from different positions within the transcription unit. Nascent transcripts disappeared at mitosis."
Comments P.243 left column 3rd paragraph: "For comparison, in Drosophila, the larval Ultrabithorax genes are transcribed at ~1.4 kb/min (primary source 26) and stress-induced hsp70 genes at ~1.2 kb/min, in cells growing in culture (primary source 27)."
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